COMIC RELIEF: A Chat With LadyBird

The other night, was hanging out with my LadyBird. Let me introduce my LadyBird.

She’s a very (very) spiritual Human Being. So spiritual, she’s always in the Holy spirit zone. She’s a Mother in Celestial in CCC Worldwide 🙌🙌. Plan was to tease her, then when she’s done with the Stern Lecture, I’d tell her I was only teasing her..

ME: Mommy.
LB: Kini (What)?
Me: Mo le wo waala oo (I might be in trouble soon).
LB: Oloun maaje. Omo mi oni wo waala. Kilosele (God forbid. My kid won’t be in trouble. What happened)?
ME: Well, mo n date obinrin meji. Wo maa pami spirituali toh ba find out (I’m dating 2 girls and would face spiritual consequences if they found out).
LB: Shey adugbo kanna lowa (Do they live in the same area)?
ME: Rara Ma. Eko ati Sango (Nope. Lagos and Sango).
LB: Mstchew. Otie le. Awon egbe e date ore meji legbe le arawon (*hisses* Soft boy. Your mates are dating friends living right next to each other).


Odaaro Ma (Goodnight Mom).

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