Comic Relief: Operation Error


You know when you take a walk down to the ATM to withdraw cash, did you know you are usually rude and cold to the machine? I’ll explain better.
The machine has been there, sun and rain, dust and pool splash, then you walk up to it and the machine probably glad to see you and you just shove in your card, it says
“Welcome!”, you ignore.
“Please enter your secret number”, you punch it.
“Please enter your amount”, you punch it.
“Please take your cash”, you take it.
“Thank you for banking with us”, you walk away with your card without even regarding the machine.
Sometimes, the machine might just retaliate by either seizing your card, or telling you “Your financial institution isn’t supported”, or it won’t provide cash for you and all these gives a pain similar to the one the machine feels whenever you receive cash from it without acknowledging it.
That cleared, I’ll now share my experience. I was home, chilling with my sister (half-sister) when a text came in from a female friend requesting for cash. The text reads below;
Her: Hello
Me: Hiya 😀
Her: Where are you
           Pls I need 2k
Please do have in mind that I’ve never made an advance to this young lady wanting the cookie from her. So here I was, not had a decent conversation with her as she forms busy in months, then the above text came in.
I instantly felt like that ATM and I switched to that “Your Financial institution is not supported” mode, she like every other girl went “Don’t cause drama if you don’t have cash” and I expected nothing short of that.
Girls though, they are smarter than you (men) think they are, but not as smart as they think they are… Hustle is real… Have a lovely week ahead..

Memoirs of a Pensioner’s son, not Edited nor proof read, just poured out. safe


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