Comic Relief: The Fem Fresh Experience


So it was in the first quarter of the year when I was in between jobs and just home drifting idly in the house
, then I decided to take a bath in the lady’s bathroom (way bigger and much more fancy than the guy’s) it was there I saw the above product and I had an idea.
I decided to mildly retouch my hair, wash it off with shampoo, then wash off the shampoo with a “SOAP FREE” wash. I successfully went through it and my hair was as good as new.
The next day, I drifted into my mother’s room and halfway through my idle ultimate search, I found a pamphlet of Fem Fresh. All I remember was that I visited the barber after I went through it….. Safe

Memoirs of a Pensioner’s son. Not Proofread or Edited


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