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BEATZ BARZ N FLOWZ (BBF) is the first edition of the ultimate rap battle competition brought to Obafemi Awolowo University by Team B.O.B and hosted by ACE DJ XQUISITE himself.

Beatz Barz 'N' Flowz Season 1

Beatz Barz ‘N’ Flowz Season 1

BBF is targeted at the rappers among the undergraduates of OAU to bring out the best of the best of freestyles. It creates a platform for aspiring rappers to showcase their skills on the MIC in front of selected judges and other students who will also encourage their efforts. This First Edition is just an encouragement program, where the winner gets a 5,000 Naira cash price and a free studio session, as well as gets to promote the song on the internet via the official media partner. It is also powered by individuals and organizations that are both students and alumnus or owned by students and alumnus of the Great Citadel of Learning.

The organizers TEAM BEST OF BREEDS (#TeamBOB) is a collaboration of 3 of the hottest DJs on OAU campus; DJ Phinga, DJ Daruga, and DJ Xquisite. These 3 minds of music enthusiast decided to look into the local vicinity for the best among its crops, like the saying goes “Charity begins at home”.

Party Of The Year

Party Of The Year

DJ Daruga who is the veteran amongst the 3, has bagged lots of award and is not a new mention amongst the student as he is a sweetheart in the hearts of party goers on the campus. DJs Phinga and Xquisite are the fastest rising DJ on the block, the torch has been passed on to them by Daruga (a finalist in Economics) to carry on a legacy of good parties and playlist. As it stands, ACE DJ Xquisite as he is fondly called hosted the greatest party yet of this year, and he is hosting this Edition of BBF, it’s safe to say that, a good time is expected at the event and the after party that follows.
BEATZ BARZ N FLOWS (#BBF), let the craving begin….


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