EVENT: Iya Tilo (Abeokuta)


So it was, I went for a weekend getaway to Ogun state. First phase was at Sango to join the Omo olokus ( the hosts) then to Abeokuta for the celebration of life of Mrs. Odunmbaku’s Grandmother, yes my pals Great-Grandmother was to be buried.

We lodge at a newly commissioned Lay Classic hotel opposite Idi-Aba housing gate for the whole period and from my view, it was homely.
I was involved in the setup and it was fun mainly because of the atmosphere the family welcomed me with, especially Mrs. Odunmbaku who I was meeting for the first time almost 2years after I met Deacon Odunmbaku and she made me feel like family without holding any care back. I also met 1 young hustler Nifemi, a social, focused, disciplined and fun loving bloke.
Well, for one thing caught my eye and it was the family wasn’t all that unified in the burial arrangements, as there were 5 live bands playing simultaneously at the venue. The other that caught my attention was the party crashers; kids painted in white, old ladies selling wares and also crashing the dancefloor.
It was a small world as a friend to a client was at the event, and a new face recognised my (now) Ex using the expression “Mo mo bi owo (I know her like money)” and brought clarity to some foggy issues about her. I’m glad he did and I can finally move on to try a better opportunity.. All in all it was fun, graced by Elites and royalty, we themed it #MamaTilo and I created a video for it.. Safe

Memoirs of a Pensioner’s son, not Edited nor proof read, just poured out. safe


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