Book Of S.A.M Tracklist Review


Here’s the official tracklist review of Jay’Oh’s Book of S.A.M: The Mixtape & EP. The first of it’s kind, dropping a Mixtape and EP in the same Box. Heres a list of the songs (cover) and a brief insight on each track.


1. Can’t Hold Us: This is a cover to Canadian Rapper, Macklemore’s Can’t Hold Us. Its one of his earliest covers and its worth every MB. It gives a sense of enthusiasm to listen the track as it shows the will to break into the music industry.

2. Lazy: This is a cover to Sam Smith’s Stay With Me.It’s a story and its very subtle as well as a source of motivation to all hustlers out there. Easy to follow and more of a down to earth rap that unearths every basic average Nigerian Ghetto raised kid. Download here to enjoy this jam.

3. Ijoba: A cover to Reminisce’s Ijoba ft. Olamide and Endia. Its a pure hardcore with crème flows and punchlines, which varies on subject of Government, Street Life, and bragging rites. Its that kind of song you play when driving slowly through the hood with your crew in a top down ride. You can’t wait? Download it here

4. Nothing But FateThis shows even the ‘House’ genre isn’t safe from the rap invasion. A cover to RSA’s DJ Euphonik’s Busa ft. Bobby & Mpumi. It’s also a follow through rap song with easy to learn sing along rhymes and a rhythmic bobbing of the head all through the song.

5. Monday Morning Ginger: A Hustler’s anthem the tackles the street issues and encourages one to push a bit further for reasons only the hustlers can fathom alone. If you can’t wait to here it, ou can download it here. Its worth being the song on a playlist when head out to own the day. A cover to Rigamortis by Kendrick Lamar.

6. Church: This is a song that deserves laurels. Its a cover to Lil Wayne’s Moment. It speaks out pain and heart felt anger. I can’t basically describe in words, but be sure to get my point once you soak it in.


7. Welcome To Africa: This is the black on black song with powerful lyrics from the Vector/NotJustOk King Kong Winner and member of the Henessy Vs. Class team and producer in one package, called Kursor. Its the song to put out there at the International level that poetry is for Africans by Africans and is African.

8. Tell You Something: This is another ‘House’ attack. This time, its vocals, which depicts the vastness and the creativity of Artistry in one Artiste. Its a feel good song for ladies and the Nicolos out there.

9. Reppin’ Ma Hood: This also has some vocals along with rap, featuring Mr. International himself Whales Clarke, who also produced the track. Its a hood anthem for you to be proud of your hood and where you were raised. You can also download here. “It takes a village to raise a Child, and it takes a village to abuse one also”

10. Santa Maria: This is a that also talks about the pain in young widows lives and how they are abused by religion and tradition, as well as how miseducation and illiteracy is a major factor in the nuclear family problems. It has up and coming vocalist Faith on the hook with a little bit of Igbo Kwenu vibe to it.

11. Isale Eko: This is an “AfroPop” invasion by rap as well. With a mixture of vocals and rap, this is a tune for all class of hustlers (educated and uneducated) in Lagos. No matter the past, just forge ahead for the sake of a better tomorrow. It has Remit pull out a beautiful arabian string pattern as well as solo. Its the song basically termed “Commercial” in our industry. An anthem for all ages, class, and gender.

12. Ofeshelu: This is a tribute to the great Afrobeat Legend Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. Its a sample of Beast of no Nation by Fela and Ghosts by Australia’s The Presets. Its a playful song and its worth closing this CD.

I’ll rate this a 7/10 and I assure you, it’s worth every mb.

The release date announced is on 15th of May, which happens to be Jay’Oh’s birthday. You can only support by downloading for free and also wish him a happy Birthday via twitter @JayOhva….



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