POEM: Moments

The world is a stage;

upon which we act;

each with our own part;

each, a piece of the puzzle.


Entrances and exits we make;

while our drama progresses;

in between, delivering our piece’s’;

in between, contributing our quota.


Sometimes, motivation descends;

and our act pleases us;

other times, we’re devoid;

of any lasting inspiration.


Times are when we’re just going;

going through the motions without a care;

counting the seconds until the curtain descends;

so we can bow out and gain respite.


Still yet are there times, more like moments;

when we transcend unto higher planes;

when we’re filled with bliss and feel enraptured;

when we fill invincible and unconquerable.


Moments like these keep us afloat;

moments like this do we live for;

through the topsy turvy of living;

when all else seems lost and focus gets blurred.


When the going gets tough and the road seems rough;

when the weather gets stormy and hurricanes are a-brewing;

beautiful memories already made keep us afloat;

blissful moments in our armoire fill us with hope.


So, let’s aspire for moments like this;

let’s be innervated and determined;

to make more memories, more happiness;

and go about our act blissful and joyful.


Written by: Tobi 08108069981

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