POEM: The Ultimate

A Love, a selfless love

A Love unlike any other

A Love that wants nothing, expects nothing

But to be loved in return

A Love that gives everything, a Love that’s endless


I do not deserve this, no I don’t

But it’s happening all the same,

You entwined my life with yours

Now, I can’t ever leave you

Now, I’m joined with you forever


Your beauty is unlike any other

Enhanced by a smile that uplifts spirits

Your touch, your voice, very soothing

Like a balm, to my aching soul

And when I’m with you, all my worries vanish


And so, I make this promise,

To always love and cherish you,

To be by your side even if the world deserts you,

To care for and always protect you

Because, baby, you complete me


written by Tobi Oguntola


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