POEM: Trustful Lust

Gripped by the wrist

Whisked away as i try to defend with words.
Those strong hands
Spawn on the floor of lust’s foot
To the heart,the body and the soul
What is thy soothe?

I loose the feel of sanity
Feeling used, wasted, shattered
His sexual urges all that mattered
And i remain a chaff
Crying alone on my behalf

I have come across several challenges,
They almost claimed my savagess
All because of a complicated word;LUST

What happens to the beauty inside
Does it really not count?
All he wants is to mount
Is the problem from my inside?
Do i bring it upon myself?

The TRUST once worshipped is now a log wood,
Chopped into the fire to make lust food.
Now i have been rumpled,
With my hair tattered, bruised lips and broken physique.

I hear his pleasurable moan
While my heart mourn
And here he comes for more!

Written by Medeira Jade😔


7 comments on “POEM: Trustful Lust”

  1. Aremu Friday says:

    Wow… I’m not surprised. I’ve always known you will be great.#Baby J

  2. Victor says:

    Good work……Am proud of you MJ

  3. Maryjane says:

    Thanks alot

  4. Godwin says:

    such a beautiful piece….Kudos
    to you MJ

  5. Jumoke says:

    Beautiful poem hun, 😘😘

  6. Eddy Bee says:

    Great one from you….expecting more dearie mj

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