SERIES: The Bank Robbery: Aftermath (6)


TV switches off, Deomi got up from the couch with a glass of spirit in one hand and throw the other fist to his chest while making a toast “We did it boys!”. Sukanmi and Bode raised their champagne glasses in the air “Yea we did it” all excited about them pulling off the robbery of the year, this celebration went on in the presidential suite of an hotel 25miles away from the crime scene, Manbilla Hotel.

They had switched to the Hiace bus whilst in the hold up along Mangoro area. Left their gears (guns and uniforms) in their respective getaway cars for the police to progress in their investigation to a dead end as they were all untraceable stuffs, yea not forgetting that the vehicles were set on fire (Good luck with prints)… As for the location of the bags, #Ifa knows.

It was about 2am on the 3rd day after the robbery, Bode’s phone rang, on picking it he realized he was on the phone with the dreaded “Evil of the West” Ida Esu (Devil’s Sword). A local mob boss who claimed they had no audacity going to rob a bank they where about robbing, which was also on his territory, and also had his money in it. Bode notified Sunkami and Deomi about this developing  tumor (it won’t go away till its removed) and he put the remaining conversation on speaker, he proposed a meeting where he was to collect half the loot as penance, in 72hrs else they loose their lives and the money itself. Based on the figures released by the Branch Manager to the Media, NGN 300m was taken, which the boys counted over and over and got a little over 103m (manager has definitely added his own embezzled fee in it).

Sunkami spoke up “We are done for! We robbed Ida Esu of his money, and it was his turf. We F***ed!!”, “We can’t possibly give up what took us months to plan and execute for a lowlife thug because of his threats, we could just remove him from the equation.” Bode continued “What do you have in mind Deomi?”.

Deomi picks up a bottle of water, walks to the east window of the suite, takes a good downing of the drink “We’ve kept to the subtle word of no loss of life, we can’t start now. So far;

1). We stole from FBN and not Ida Esu,

2). We are wealthier than he is,

3). Law enforcement agencies are looking for NGN300m.

Hence  what we need now is a wayout, so we prioritize our fears, thus, Police comes before Ida Esu, lets find a way to make him pay for our crimes. Police will have their scapegoat, we keep the loot and keep living our lives as free men and we rid the streets of Ida Esu.”

Sunkami smiles, lies on the couch, looks at Bode who also smiles, they both look at Deomi and the 3 all burst up in laughter, hurdled in the couch, Sunkami asks “What’s the plan Nicca!”


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