SERIES: The Bank Robbery: Covert It is Overt (9)

Overt“Seems someone is on our tail. Since there’s no money, we still have the edge.” Deomi started, “So we initiate the ‘3 Birds 1 stone’ routine. We split up. Buddie (Bode) go see your CP, Sunshine (Sunkami) and I going off the radar. We only pick each others call, no other persons. Keep me posted on your meeting with the CP.. Now we go”. Bode interrupts “This is just getting out of hand, we wanted a snatch and grab op, by now we should have moved on with the plans we earlier stated before the op, instead we moving deeper into the underworld”.. The boys walk out of the hotel lobby and called cabs using the Easy Taxi app on their phones and went separate ways. Deomi was tailed.

Bode made it to the CP’s lodge about 45mins later. Aro took him to the  guest lodge behind the main building. On entering Bode was particularly awed by a painting done by Onabrakpeya and wonder how Aro got his hands on those paintings as they were reported stolen 3years earlier.

Aro reading his mind “Don’t think you the only one I let run around with illegal activities son. It was a gift. Tell me what brings you here so late that it couldn’t wait till the morning?”, pours 2 glasses of whiskey and offers one to Bode..

“We’ve been ransacked sir. Came back from the club and found our room upturned”

“What about the loot?”

“Its safe sir. It puzzles me that someone is on to us when its only a week since the op and we’ve been extremely careful not to live extravagantly”

“Nothing is more extravagant than 3 young men buying up a presidential suite son”

“That’s very affordable sir. As it stands though, list of suspects is so slim we could count them on 1 finger sir”

“Its a hand son” smiles

“Actually meant the ‘a finger’ sir”

“So you think Ida Esu is behind this”

“Yes, I believe he did the ransacking, but I think someone is behind him. He’s too dumb to discover us in 1 week, except he’s resourceful, which begs the obvious question sir, who is behind this?”

“Well, it puzzles me also son”

“You really need to work on your puzzled face sir.”

“What are you insinuating son? I’m a snitch (Judas)?”

“Well, hypothetically speaking sir, you were in a room with 3 armed robbers less than 24hrs ago, now you in a room with a member of the gang in a room full of stolen items sir. According to the oath you took please define the word SNITCH”

“Well, I understand your point of view of things son. You really need to think things through with you, about the face, understand I’m a seasoned law enforcer, some facial expressions are lost nothing like involuntary facial expression again. Never ever think you can walk into my home and accuse of trash son, I’m the fucking Commissioner of Police for Lagos State which makes me the HIGHEST RANKING officer in the state.”

“I’m sorry sir, just a little paranoid. That aside how’s madam and the kids”

“They’re good. She’s been asking after you son. 12yrs, that’s a lot of time to be absent”

Bode’s other phone rings “Sorry, I have to get this”, he gets up and walk towards the phone as he answers the call, Aro opens his desk drawer as Bode walks away. Suddenly Bode “What?”, he turns to look towards Aro, “Fuckery” Darkness falls.

Brain matter all over the painting, Aro picks up the phone, the screen had “Private number” on the call screen. He disconnects it and smashes the phone, he walks out..



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