SERIES: The Bank Robbery: Devise (3)


“DA FUCK! Se ma wa ba rug je funmi? (Do u now want to soil my rug)” Deomi snapped at both of them. He immediately moved to get a wet rag to pick up the tiny pieces of the glass cups after the boys had picked up the chunk of it.

Deomi’s folks walk in to query the “WHY” they heard glass shatter and they were calmed with the reply that they had fidgety fingers, and they told them to be careful and “Handle their liquor”..
At the aftermath of the incident, Bode pressed on “Are you in your right mind N***er? Or you think this is one movie?”. “This is not a movie! We can work it all up and out, only if, of course, you are intrested” Deomi replied. Sunkanmi spoke with his face still flushed “I guess its not a bad idea, IF, it is well planned and properly executed! Since I can vouch for Deomi’s plans and design, I’m in mehn!! Wetin you dey wait for Bode (what are you waiting for Bode)?”, “Alright then, I’m in! What’s the plan?” Bode spoke cautiously. Deomi took a sit and looked up at the ceiling (he was killing off the angelic voice in his head), by the time he brought is head back down, the 2 other guys had taken their seats waiting for words to come out of the architect. “Its a one time only operation, minimal casualty but zero fatality (Can’t promise you that), money will be used to establish our dreams, and we tie up all loose ends!”
“The Bank is FBN dopemu, we are to clean the bullion van, the cashier cash and the bulk room cash. The casualty will be based on our entry, which will entirely be intimidation. Armed guard at any given guards are 6 Mopol (Mobile Police) officers, as a result of the 2 neighbouring banks which leaves it at 2 officers per bank, only FBN gives them a sheltering structure. There are 5 rent-a-cop guards on the premises, 4 cameras in the hall, 3 in the compound (2 in front, one at the van loading spot), 6 blinds spot in the hall at any given time, and 8 if there are 5 6ft5″ tall people in the banking hall at that time. Only 2 of the MOPOL will be shot on the knees to calm the rest down and all 6 Mopol and 4 Guards will be locked in the 3ft wide 4ft long security post, the last guard in the hall will be subdue on going in. Exit strategy is classic, we take 3 customer vehicles and drive off and meet at a rendezvous later on. Here’s the exciting part, Le Entrance; we blow out the side wall, tell me something like that isn’t intimidating”.


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