SERIES: The Bank Robbery: Endgame II

CheckersA black Honda baby boy pulls up on the side of the road, a guy in a blue mechanic overall tied at the waist and yellow vest gets out of the car.
He walks calmly into the warehouse, gently opens the side entrance door to floor of the warehouse and walks in like he owned the place, just then, he heard two shots fired. He picked up his pace and glided almost soundless across the floor to the stairs leading to the office. As he carefully made his way to the stairs, he heard someone talking but couldn’t make out what was being said. As he approached the office door he heard “…..kede gbowo jade nsinsin”
Sukanmi startled, he looked at the intruder “Da fuq is this one again? Wanting to reap where he didn’t sow”.
“Guessing this is Ida Esu. Been wondering when he was going to show up since he tailed me here” Deomi continued “Padi mi! Kilonbo? Toba jepe o kanlekun, matisi fun e. Kila maso fun olowo ibibai pe ose ilekun e? (What’s up pal? I’d have opened the door if you had knocked. How do I explain the door to the owner of this place?)” he smiled.
“Ewo lerin? Se mojoor Tales by Moonlight, abi lipstick lorope owa lowo mi? (Why the smile? Do you think I’m tales by Moonlight, or are these lipsticks I have pointed at you?)” Ida Esu snapped back.
“Alright Sir” Deomi started “whichever way you want to play this, the fact that you are here, gun or not means it will end badly for you.”
Bloke in the yellow vest gets behind Ida Esu and knocks him unconscious with the butt of his 9mm. “Sukanmi, here’s the consultant I spoke of earlier” Deomi introduced the Yellow vested fellow to Sukanmi. “Hello” the consultant greeted Sukanmi looked back at Deomi “Sorry I’m late, LASTMA trouble”, searched Ida Esu and brought out his phone.
“No problem. How much longer before backup arrives?” Bode inquired
“Just texted him. Give or take 25mins” The Consultant replied
“By the way, who owns this joint?” Sukanmi jumped in on the conversation.
“Aro” Deomi replied, turns to The Consultant “Is everything set? Can you fix the hinges of the door?”
“Yes on both counts.”
“Alright. Sukanmi, see that ceiling segment there?” Deomi pointed at the point directly over the office desk “Get on that desk and bring the 3bags from the ceiling”
“So you mean Aro had the money and didn’t know about it?”
“It’s just coincidental he’s involved, all I did was to hide the loot in plain sight.” Deomi grinned and went to help Sukanmi put down the bags. Sukanmi replaced the ceiling, came back down, “What next?” he asked.
“Well, we ending this saga today” The Consultant replied “We make the CP trend bro”
“But first, let’s split the content of one bag in two, put the first half into the black car outside, you wait there and leave the engine running. We’ll join you in 5mins” Deomi spoke sternly at Sukanmi. Sukanmi was in the car 3mins later waiting for the Deomi and The Consultant.
“The door clear?”
“Yes. Scheduling the audio and the streaming to go live in 7mins” The Consultant replied “Can he be trusted?”
“Well if he’s still in the car, then you can trust him” Deomi went and picked up Ida Esu, he exited the office with The Consultant, he placed Ida Esu behind some goods in the Warehouse floor and they both exited the building. They jumped in the vehicle, Sukanmi was still there waiting for them, Deomi smiled and nodded at The Consultant.” Deomi drove off with 3mins to spare before the arrival of backup

23 minsLater….
“Package at your warehouse office. Taken care of the remaining and off to communion their remains. See you at the office when I get back”. Aro puts his phone in his pocket after reading the text from Ida Esu, dresses in civilian clothing, alerts two of his most trusted security detail and the 3 men all departed in a private vehicle to his warehouse. On getting to the office, he met the door opened and saw two bags on the desk, he opened them and saw 3 ex CBN Governors all smiling at him, he laughed and sat into his chair and was dreaming on the upcoming expenses.
Ida Esu woke up and sat for 2mins to get acquainted with the environment. He then got up and headed for the office, while nursing the swelling at the back of his head. He finds Aro seated at his chair, shocked and seeing the money on the desk, all he could muster was “Oga? Eti de? (Boss? You’ve arrived?)
“You did good. Didn’t expect you to deliver. I just have 1 more job for you? ” Aro said happily.
“Your wish is my command sir” Ida Esu continued
“I just need you quiet” Aro fired 3shots at Ida Esu.
His boys came in to clear the body, he sat and smoked a cigar got out his phone and just immediately, a call from a blocked ID came in, he picked it and someone spoke “You are trending, put on your TV.”

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