SERIES: The Bank Robbery: Endgame l

end-gameDeomi terminates the call, tells the drive to take him to a new location, calls Sukanmi and tells him to meet him at the same location.

Roughly 45mins later, both boys are listening to a recording from Deomi’s voice
“..12 years, thats a lot of time to be absent… Sorry I have to get this… What?!…. Fuckery..”
“How did you get this?” Sukanmi queried.
“I had my suspicions about Aro, so I bugged Bode without his consent and had him setup a meet with Aro. Its somewhat clear Bode had his suspicious also about , I called to warn him… Guess it was quite late” Deomi replied. “I got an audio file from a consultant whom I kept hidden from everyone, just to protect you all. It was a phone conversation between Aro and Ida Esu which had taken place after he ransacked the hotel room last night. It was then I called Bode to warn him and he got killed.” He sits on the floor, back to the wall in an Akimbo position.
“And when were you planning to tell us about this consultant? Well its quite late tho, what services does this consultant actually render?” Sukanmi spoke up in a hoarse voice.
“Remember the No Fatality clause in our operation?”
“He does it on our behalf. I brought him in after Ida Esu’s ultimatum to get information so I could arrange Ida Esu’s setup and no links to us about murders.”
“Damn you Deomi. Why take it upon yourself to this crap, we are a team! At least we were”. Sukanmi getting agitated
“No loss of life was the deal, I brought in a 3rd party who will not be linked to us in anyway if it all goes south with him and us, so we pay for a bank robbery and not murders and kidnappings” Deomi reiterated

“Alright, alright! Moti gbo e (I’ve heard you). I’m just shaken about Bode’s , that’s just it”. He gets up from the couch and walks to the window. “He warned us about going too deep with this shit”. Tear rolled down his eye as he turned towards Deomi, who was also had a teary eye. “Bode’s gone!!!!!! Fuuuuuccccccccck!!!!!!” Sukanmi burst in tears and Deomi moved to comfort him with a hug.

Two shots fired at the door knob, door gets kicked in, Ida Esu walks in with an enormous grin, holding two Deagle .45 pointed at the boys. “Eyin omoluabi, moba yin daada. Ema waste time me, kede gbowo jade nisinsin (You good citizens, I’m guessing I meet you well. Don’t waste my time and get me the loot immediately”

Memoirs of a Pensioner’s son, not Edited nor proof read, just poured out. safe


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