SERIES: The Bank Robbery: Error in Connection (8)

redphoneDial Tone…..

Voice 1: Hello

Voice 2: Speak!

Voice 1:Didn’t get anything Sir

Voice 2: Now will you take your time to listen to me? Told you it can’t be in the room..

Voice 1: I just thought it would be a conventional thing for them to do Sir….

Voice 2: Gbenu e San joor! (Shattapp dia!)

Voice 1: *with a bruised Ego* Bhet Sir, I just thought………

Voice 2: Gbenu werey lo (take your mad mouth away!!). You really believe those boys are in your League? Oole fi torchlight se ewa (You can’t cook beens with Flashlight)….

Voice 1: Guess they don’t know they need a gas cooker…

Voice 2: *Screaming* SHARRAPPP!!! You the bloody flashlight fool….

Voice 1: Sir, eyi tin poju (This is too much) I’m sorry sir..

Voice 2: Sorry for yourself… Now that you’ve spooked the boys, I’m guessing they’ll probably lead you to its location..

Voice 1: They went in about 3mins ago Sir. I’m in the parking lot sir..

Voice 2: Once they are out, tail them, once you’re there, let me know.. Understood?

Voice 1: They’re on their way out I have to go sir…

Voice 2: Alright keep me posted..

Voice 1 and 3: Kosi wahala (No problem) sir!

Voice 2: Who was that?

Voice 1: Where?

Voice 2: Fool! Anyone there with you?

Voice 1: Aswear down sir, only me dey here…

Voice 2: Ok, keep me posted.

Dead Tone………




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