SERIES: The Bank Robbery: Mastermind


“6months ago the FBN Dopemu branch was robbed and officials of the bank stated about N300m was stolen on that day by 3 men in MOPOL uniform, about a week later a video went viral on the Internet and TV stations where the Lagos CP was seen killing a local thug and was later arrested at the scene with about N50m. The Police didn’t know how to proceed till they got a mail with tapes that had a recorded phone conversation between the CP and the Local thug he later killed, and a conversation which was between him and one of the robbers whom he also killed at his house. The investigators also went back to his house and lots of stolen properties such as paintings, sculptures and artifacts were recovered at his home. On going through his phone they found texts which convinced them (the investigators) that the other 2 robbers had been killed and their remains well hidden by the now dead local thug.
The CP, sorry, the former CP, now recognised as the Kingpin of Crime in a state he had sworn to Protect the lives and properties of its citizens has been labelled a Traitor as more cold cases of previous heists and murders have been linked to him and his two most trusted bodyguards. With the uncertainty of his involvement with the other resurfacing crimes, the Acting CP has said the law will go hard on this matter as the battle against corruption has hit a landmark and other powerful Nigerians in such acts will soon be caught up with, so it is certain and safe to look forward to an unfavorable verdict for the former CP in Court.
I’m Dele Araoye, AIT News”
“Sir?” Deomi turned, “They’re waiting for you”
“Thanks Rebecca, show them in” he replied.
Two men walked in few seconds later, the guy leading spoke up. “Boss man! I see you’re doing good.”
“Emeka! Na you o. Just watched a piece on Aro before you walked in.” turns to the one behind Emeka “You must be the legendary Bata player Ilu Oro” he shakes hands with him firmly and a big smile followed.

“Please, call me Rotimi” he replied with a bigger smile “You sound like a fan using my stage name, only you are to be my new boss if it all goes well today”.
“Iseyin guy, I caught your accent there” Deomi proved
“Yes I am. Well Emeka made a better man out of me”.
“I like that you are bold and confident. Anyway, I watched your Fela shrine performance and would love to give you a job, I’m sorry, an opportunity to build on your potentials. What say you? ”
“I’ve gone through the details and I’m cool with them” Rotimi replied.
“Welcome to the label” Deomi gets up and hugs Rotimi.

Emeka smiled and interjected “Ogbeni, ma let me down oo (Mr. Man don’t let me down)”.
The three all laughed and as they walked out, Emeka asked after Sukanmi, Deomi told him he had gone on tour with one of the brands he endorses around Nigerian Campuses. The door closes behind the 3 of them. Deomi opens the door and looks at me “And it is said crime doesn’t pay, look around me please. R.I.P Bode” he shuts the door.

Memoirs of a Pensioner’s son, not Edited nor proof read, just poured out. safe

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