SERIES: The Bank Robbery: The Motive (2)


Well, every reaction by action has an intention that is entirely based on sequential circumstances commonly called Chain reaction.
Earlier stated, these younger men where motivated TAKERS and determined to do so legally

at all cost. At the end of the Youth Service, nailing a job became a mammoth task for each of these boys. They never wanted anybody’s pity or turn to their parents charity case, so the side hustle started. Sunkanmi hit the studio to record his promo. Deomi using his street wise ability to sell ice to an Eskimo, became an IT consultant for a milk company, created a forum and started a brand. Bode, being the son of a prominent citizen, used his connects to nail web design jobs. They all did these things to survive, then to raise capital. In other words,they suffered. They walked into the bank with all their plans in request for a loan, they were denied by the manager stating “We don’t give startup loans, who roles that?”.
Sunkanmi was done with his recordings which were amazing. Time to get airplay for his songs came and Deomi went on to hustle it out, on meeting DJ and OAPs they requested for ungodly sum of money (at that time, it was for the boys). The boys continued to do jobs here and there to raise money. They even went in search for an investor, who said it was a dull idea, 3weeks later, he started his company that ran a service similar to the one the boys introduced him to. On getting to a lawyer (human rights), his fees ran in excess of half a million naira. That case was closed and forgotten.
It was one chilly Friday, the boys were in their room having their quite #TGIF with vodka on ice, when Sunkanmi spoke up “Deomi, you are unnecessarily quiet while Bode you are unnecessarily loud. Kilonshele! Abi poverty na lofa gbogbo iyipada yi no? (What’s happening! Or is it this poverty that is the cause of both your weirdness?)”, Bode replied “What do you think”. “Deomi, what’s the next line of action?” Sunkanmi probed “You always come up with one when you come out of such quietness”. “You spend money to make money” Deomi started “As it stands, we are worth a million naira all together, Cheers to that. Next plan is to surely invest it. If we throw it all into Sunkanmi’s career, before we start making income, it will be much more later. If we decide to start a proper company, we won’t expect to break even till 6months, meaning we need to continue to fuel the hemorrhage for 6months. Which do we do?”. “Its much obvious you have an answer already, Sunkanmi and I already know you have an answer, kindly share it”
“We rob a bank”. 2 cups breaks.


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