SERIES: The Unit (2)

“Mom!” he tugged at her “I’m hungry! Pancakes” he continued to tug with his tiny hands.

“Toba! Morning baby” she muttered half-awake, as she tried to pick him up without looking at him. Place him gently on her breasts and opens her eyes to attend to her say. “How was your night?” She asked.

“Fine.” The boy muttered with his 4year old voice and toddler tongue.

“Tell Aunty Ezinne to make you your Pancakes. You know mummy needs her sleep” she continued in her son’s tone. He shrugged in protest to his mother’s advances, she concedes and gets up to go down to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. On getting downstairs, she was greeted by Tobi, Tomi and Ezinne.

“Where’s your father?” she asked her eldest son.

“He left earlier this morning and said he’d be back soon” Tobi replied.

“Ok” turns to Tomi “Please get my phone from the bedroom.”

Tomi her only daughter runs up the stairs to get her phone, she advances to the kitchen and following her was Ezinne, the housekeeper, and she tells her to bring out the tools for the pancake. She collects her phone from Tomi, thanks her and proceeded to unlock her phone to call her husband. The phone lights up as she pressed the home button and she sees a message from Thin Lee, she opens to read, “Team is all green. Briefing tomorrow by 9.”  She smiled, turned to the housekeeper “Carry on with the preparation”, returns to her bathroom, took a quick bath, dressed up and she was reaching for the front door when it opened.

Her husband was in the doorway, she staggered at his sight “Where are you coming from?” she asked.

“An impromptu meeting” her husband replied “and where are you headed dear?” he continued.

“A quick follow-up on the case I’m working on” she muttered out.

“Be safe out there hun.” He placed a peck on her cheek and proceeded into the house, closing the door behind him. She hops into her car and out the estate she went heading east towards the posh part of town. She drives into a resident hotel and walks to the receptionist “Good Morning Dear, Room 110 please.”

“Good morning Madam, a moment please” the receptionist reaches for the desk phone and dials number “Good Morning Sir, from the reception. Madam is here Sir… Okay Sir.” She placed the receiver back and motioned her a sign of “you can go in Ma”to her.

As she drove home with a satisfied smile, her phone beeps, she reads it “Today was magical. Miss you babe”, she smiled and deleted the text. She gets home, no one was home, she hit the shower, went down to have the remaining pancakes, returned back to the bedroom, her phone rings as she was about sitting and the tag said UNKNOWN NUMBER, she picks, “Inspector Adeyanju here.”

“He knows, good luck,” said a modulated voice on the other end and then the call ended. The doorbell rings.


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  1. Hanson Caleb says:

    Interesting story, eager to read the remaining part. Nice one bro

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