SERIES: The Unit (3)

A man on white tee shirt, black Teflon vest with TASKFORCE written on the front, black khaki trousers and black sneakers is making his way through a larger compound filled with containers, drummers, armed guards, vehicles; good and abandoned littering the compound. Avoids being spotted by the guards and makes his way up the top floor of the warehouse from the outside, eliminating watch guards with his silenced side arm till he got to the fifth floor via the balcony. He peered into the room on the top floor, then took a deep breath and whispered into his coms, “Loner to Den, I’m in position. I see the target and count five tangoes. Move in.”

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The explosion of 4 flash bangs disturbed the dead night by a joint Task Force team; Nigeria Customs Service, Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Department of State Services (DSS), Nigeria Police Force (NPF) as full members and the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) as observers and advisory members. Muzzle flashs from Automatics, semi-automatics and single shots weapon lit up the darkness like synchronized Christmas lights as members of the ISEGUN CARTELand the Task Force exchanged fire.

The explosions had cause a bit of agitation on the fifth floor. The six men reached for their holstered weapons and orders were being barked about by the smallest of them in the room, both on radio and to the other five men in the room. They kept looking out the window and checking in on radio with the guards involved in the gunfight in the compound and building. A taskforce squad of 4 men kept advancing through the compound whilst the rest laid down cover fire for then and advanced up the compound as they kept beating the cartel men back into the building. The advance team on making it into the building left the ground floor for the remaining force members to handle and cleared each floor up to the top floor.

On getting to the top floor and laying siege at the door to the room that had the 6 men in it, the leader of the advance 4-man squad whispered into the coms, “Alpha to Loner, we are in position. What’s the count and status?”

“1 on both sides of the door, 1 in front of the door. 1 on both sides of the target, Prepared!” The man at the balcony replied.

“Delayed breach on your end. Handle tangoes by target.”


“Setting Charges.” 6seconds later “Clear. Breach!”

There was a simultaneous BANGof the 3 charges set on both sides of the door and on the door. The explosion knocked the 3-armed guards by the door out and stunned the remaining 3 men; giving the lone man at the balcony enough time to pistol whip the 2 guards and all the remaining squad members joined in yelling “TASKFORCE” and “CLEAR” at the same time whilst approaching the target whom was on his knees with gun on him by the lone man.

“Cuff him and get him out of my sight!” Alpha instructed a team member whilst pulling loner away from the target. “Good job bro. We got him, let’s go home.”

Loner took a deep breath as Alpha radioed in “Wolf Squad to Den. We have Dumebi in custody. What’s the status down there?”

“All clear. Bring it in boys” a firm female voice responded over the radio.

The whole operation lasted for 45mins and dawn was almost up by the time Dumebi was arrested. The Wolf squad made their way back to the compound and approached the Mobile Command Centre that was now on the scene like every other non-combatant Taskforce vehicle, the doors of the van opened and a fair lady came down the steps and met the team with a big smile on her face.

“That was a fine job. You guys never cease to awe me every operation” she said. Shakes each member of the team, shakes Loner last and continued “I’m glad you stayed for one more operation with us here Sergeant Major, the Taskforce will certainly miss you”

Loner smiled and nodded “Thank you Agent Nguemo. Hope to see you soon Madam” he then turned to Alpha “It’s been a ride Captain. Remain safe bro”

“Same here Chuks.”

Chuks checks in his gear at the Mobile Armory Vehicle, puts on his phone and a texts pops in “Team is all green. Briefing tomorrow by 9.”

He sighs and mutters “and that’s my cue.”


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