SERIES: The Unit (4)

Thin Lee gets down from his vehicle and taps on the rear window to signal the driver to go ahead to the parking lot. He proceeded into the building with a large commemoration marble stone that read AREA COMMAND, went past the front doors amidst “Morning Sir”greetings from lower ranked officers as he approached the elevator and only noticed the Out of Order sign on it as he reached to press the button. He shakes his head and headed for the stairs as he climbed his way up to the 6thfloor.

He opens the door and walked into an office space that seemed recently refurnished and designed. He was met with stares from folks who were all lax and seated at their desks. He continued onward and everyone got on their feet at attention and followed with a sharp almost unison “Morning Sir”, he nodded and proceeded to an office cut-off the open planned office he just walked through. He dropped his folders, sat in his new seat and turned towards the window to take in the view with his eyes closed and taking a deep breath, turned back to his desk, looked out through his glass wall at the team and caught the eyes of Dumebi. He signaled him to get the entire team into the conference room next to his office.

He went into the conference room through his side door to join the rest of the unit. He glanced at the whole team and took a quick count of the members present and noticed only one person had not showed up after being invited.

“I must say you all are quite early” the DSP began, looking at the wall clock opposite him “8:30 and all of you are here. Lets Begi..”.

He was cut short by the sound of the door of the main floor being opened and a gentleman walked in and hurried his way to the conference. Thin Lee smiled and beckoned the man in and continued.

“Here’s the last member of the team” he stretched his hand to shake Ridwan, “I thought he wasn’t going to make it. This is Ridwan from Division 16, give him a good welcome.” He ushers him with his towards a seat “Have a seat.”

“This unit has the backing of the Commissioner, and by chain of command has the backing of the AIG and the IG. We are under a lot of pressure to solve cases that come our way, no room for cold cases.” He looks at Ins. Adeyanju “How are you? Ready to work?”

“Very well sir” she replied slouched into the chair “Thanks for yesterday. Guess I owe you one now Sir.”

“No such thing!” he waved it off. “To the Business of the day. Ridwan brief us on what you have so far”

Ridwan got up and gathered his files as he went to the table head to begin an unprepared presentation in hopes of not disappointing on his first day on the job. He took a deep breath, opened all files, pulled out photos of victims, walked over to the conference wall to pull the board to the table head, cleared his throat, and began.

“Good Morning all. So far we have 4 cases, 11 victims, same kill M.O, all victims had gang affiliation of all gangs in the neighbourhood, all gangs deny involvement, no witnesses.” Ridwan paused to paste all pictures on the board

“Leads?” said a calm voice asked from the corner. He had a don’t waste my time kind of face as he leaned forward from his seat in order to see Ridwan’s face clearly. Ridwan was immediately taken aback as he was just noticing that he knew the individual very well, as he was one of the people that help shaped his career back in the academy; Sergeant Ajose ‘Josey’ Adebayo.

“Yes, we do have just one.” Ridwan replied, “From the second case, a surveillance camera from a nearby ATM picked a vehicle we believe was used in transporting the victims to the site they were later found. A white 1998 Volkswagen LT van with a refrigeration component on it.”

“Well that’s good enough for me to start with” another voice rang out opposite Josey, and it belonged to Inspector Jude ‘J.R’ Akpede. The Inspector takes a glance at Thin Lee for approval, he gives J.R a nod and he gets up signaling Dumebi to tag along.

“Let’s go shake some trees Kross” J.R send and they both leave the brief.

Ridwan still not sure what just happened, looks towards Thin Lee, who then resumes his position at the head of the table.

“Well, here’s the formation; Khaleesi and Josey, J.R and Kross” he smiles at Ridwan and continued “You’re with me.” He turns to the rest of the unit, “We have 24hours to close this people. Motive, Weapon and a suspect with an impossible alibi equals slam dunk case for the Persecutors. Get to work.”


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