Series: The Unit (5)

J.R and Kross pulled up at a mechanic village and approached a parked Honda with a mechanic underneath it.

“Ekuse sir (Well done sir)” J.R began in Yoruba “Ekasaan o. Saliu nko? (Good Afternoon. Where’s Saliu?),” now looking at the mechanic whom was now out from underneath the car.

“Ekaasan Sir (Good Afternoon Sir),” realizing whom he was greeting “Ah! Officer! Eyin ni. Saliu wa ni office n’beyen (It’s you. Saliu is over there at the office),” he added pointing towards a poorly constructed wall-less shed that served as the administrative building.

J.R said he thanks, and they proceeded towards the administrative building. From the distance, J.R could make out the figure of Saliu, he nudged Kross and said “That’s Saliu. A cunning fella, knows a lot and only answers what he wants to answer. Let me do the talking, be the bad cop.”

Meanwhile, earlier that morning…







“Ekaabo, e mu joko (Welcome, please lets all be seated)”

It was a poorly lit living room with leather sofas surrounding a see-through center table. 6 Middle aged men were seated in there, all of which were leaders of the NURTW of the State’s Chapter.

“Eti mo nko to gbewa wa sibi leni (You all already know why we are here today)”began a dark skinned, round in physique, bald headed, average-height, with a lot of jewelry on began. “Omo Olori ti ku. Nkan to ba kan ikan nu wa, okan gbogbowa ni yen (Chairman’s son is dead. An injury to one is an injury to all).”

“Ese! (Thank you all)” a fair skinned (poorly bleached), with a slim physique, gold tooth, heavily jeweled as well, spoke up as he was getting on his feet.

“Eku idide. Lori oro yi, olorun abami san esan fun awon to wa nidi iku omo mi. Esofun awon omoyin ko ma fa wahala o, awon ijoba ti gbe igbese lori e. Ese. Ko jube lo. Eje ka gbada lo baa won ebi, ara, ati oro. (Thanks for the support. On the issue of my son’s death, God will avenge his killers. Tell your boys not to be chaotic on this issue, as the Government is taking steps on the issue already. Lets go back and be with families and friends).”

Later that Evening…


Thin lee looked up from his desks and sees J.R standing at the doorway, behind him was Dumebi. He waved them in and gestured them to have a seat, to which they declined and told him there’s new information on the case. He closed his folder and sat upright and gave them his undivided attention.

“Amuse me.” He said as he adjusted in his chair.

“Well, I went to see a C.I to follow up on the van earlier this morning. My C.I tells me one of the boys pulled out of the drain yesterday was Bumboy’s kid.”

“Go on.” Thin Lee said now with his eyes wider.

“I played along like we have that information already and then asked about the van again. He told me the only van matching that description in that locale belongs to the cold room business, which so happens to be in a 3km radius of all crime scenes.” J.R took a deep breath.

“I see.” Thin Lee started “This is getting interesting. Good work guys, we don’t have enough for a search warrant yet. Tell Khaleesi and Josey to head to the Morgue for the autopsy report on all the cases. Dismissed.”

The two officers exit his office, he picks up his phone and sent a text  “CH Now!”Proceeds to call his driver “Bring the car around” and ends the call.

“Good job today everyone. See you all tomorrow” and walks into the recently fixed elevator.


Thin Lee was seated with the same man he had a chat with earlier on Sunday, only this time the table was more glamorous with Lamb Roasts and Champagne on it. After a few moments of digging in it the juicy roast and French made champagne, the other man beckoned on the waiter to clear the table.

“2 summons in less than 48hours, you must be really enjoying your new position.” he said whilst maintaining an unnerving look at Thin Lee “I’d say you found the killer of my boys.” He leaned forward, to catch every response Thin Lee would give.

“Well, it’s interesting that you failed to mention one of the boys was your cousin’s son, and we both know he has no gang affiliations. If there’s something you’re not telling me about his death, this is time to give it up.” Thin lee pressured.

“That’s some fine detective work there.” He waved away the DSP’s pressure with a slight grin “It seems you forget with whom you’re seated with. You better watch that tone boy.” He paused to take a drink.

“Now, what I’ve I taught you about leadership?” he continued. “Compartmentalisation son. It’s all about what each member of the puzzle needs to know at a particular time. I’m sorry if I can’t share it all, but the mastermind behind Kadiri’s murder has to answer for it in our way. Don’t worry, you can have the trigger man for photo ops and the whole Nigeria Police is workingpropaganda.” He sat back into the chair with a glow in his eyes that showed certainty.

“Ok, what do you know about this mastermind, maybe it would help us find the triggerman” Thin Lee inquired.

“Well, I suppose you don’t realize I put you through investigation processes back in the day. When I have information about the triggerman from the mastermind, you will be notified. Until then, work on a cover story as to why he went ahead to kill 11 people without an outside influence.” He got up from his seat “I’ll reach out when I have something.”

He leans behind the DSP’s right shoulder “Do not contact me about this case again. Area clear on that?”

“Crystal!” DSP replied.

“My Boy. Thanks for the meal.” he said tapping the DSP’s shoulder 2 times before taking his leave.

Thin Lee took a deep sigh and reached out for his handkerchief to dry the sweat droplets forming on his forehead, looked towards the waiter and asked for the bill.


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