SERIES: The Unit

It was a regular Sunday like any other June Sunday in the Ariyo area of Lagos state, only this time, the weather was musty and had a taste of death in it. Five bodies had just been pulled out of the canal, and the first responders were clearing the area in efforts to solve the mystery.

The sleep came to an end with the buzzing of his alarm, with sleepy eyes he stretched out his arm in search of the phone under his other pillow then reaches for the power/lock/ button, presses it twice to keep it quiet and readjusts to continue his sleep, phones rings. He picks the call and mutters the word “Speak,” drops the call in less than a minute, dresses up and heads out to the canal where a number of crowds were gathered and the scene was being barricaded for proper observation by police investigation units, he flashes his badge and he was let through to the crime scene.

He approached the Inspector on the scene, flashed his badge with the words “Area Command Intelligence. What do you have?” The responding officer replied “Morning DSP! It’s the M.O as the last 3 cases, 2 gunshot wounds to the back of the head, brought here after the execution, victims with gang tattoos.

“What’s your name?” he asked

“Ridwan, Homicide, Division 16.” the inspector replied.

He looked up at the Inspector with contentment in his eyes saying, “I’ve heard about you. I must say, you do fine police work. Come around to my office tomorrow by 9”, he gives Ridwan his card and added, “Come along with all the files relating to these cases.” He walks away to a waiting vehicle and departs the scene.

Inspector Ridwan looks down at the card in his hand and his eyes beamed of excitement and he couldn’t even contain his joy. The card belong to Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Rotimi ‘Thin Lee’ Makanjuola, an urban legend amongst NPF officers, notable for his undercover skills, arrest records, confirmed kills and his Close Quarter Combat (CQC) abilities as well. He kept the card in his badge case with the conviction of seeing the DSP come what may on Monday.

“Where to?” his driver asked as he drove off the crime scene

“Clubhouse” he replied. Picks up his phone and sends a text “CH Now!”

He entered the clubhouse and was greeted by the employees as he headed to the open bar area at the back and sat at a table where an older man was seated with a glass of water.

“This had better be good for you to drag me off my study to meet you here this early. What gives?” cried the older man from his seat.

“Well” he said as he took a seat, “Friday, I got an interesting phone call from the Commissioner, giving me full access to all resources to stopping a string of murders up and around the State. Asked me to pick my team by myself and make it more of a permanent Unit in the State. That’s not even as interesting as me waking up by 5am to a scene where I found 5 of your boys murdered, execution style. Now I ask, what gives?” and slowly grabs a glass of water and maintained eye contact with the older man seated opposite him.

The older man leaned forward out of the darkness and his eyes where as dead as the night, like eyes that have seen the worst of the worst and somehow managed to keep it together mentally. Rotimi had forgotten why he dreaded having one-on-one conversations with this fellow until he saw those piercing eyes that sent chills down the spine of the bravest of men, yet he somewhat managed to maintain his composure, whilst the man adjusted the table so he cloud place his elbow for a proper forward intimidationlean.

“I see you found them” the man said coldly, “They’ve been missing for 2 days now, well according to their supervisors. I guess that solves the missing persons case. That only means I’m no longer looking for a kidnapper, now I’m looking for a murderer.” He stated with a slight grin while still maintaining his cold look into Rotimi’s eyes.

“Someone must hang for this and I need that someone alive or dead by the hands of a Police officer if that were to be his end. Stay out of it and send me whatever you discover.” He smiled, stood up “Stay Low and you won’t be bothered. Safe bro”

He took his leave and proceeded to send a group text “Team is all green. Briefing tomorrow by 9.”


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    Thin Lee 😅

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    Quite interesting.. You write well..

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